Tuzla Logistics Warehouse Rental

We offer pallet-based warehouse areas that you can rent in sections at Istanbul Deri OSB in Tuzla. The storage period can be at least 4 days. Our 5-day storage fee starts at approximately $1 per pallet. It varies according to the type, duration, and volume of the product. Please request a quote from our warehouse manager from the button below.

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    Value Added Services

    📦 Parcel Collection

    🚚 Palletizing

    🔧 Depalletizer

    🎁 Packaging

    🔗 Product Combining


    🏷️ Labeling

    🔍 Quality Control

    📋 Barcoding

    💳 Price Tag/Warranty Certificate Etc. Adding

    🖨️ Invoice Printing

    Warehouse Features

    🏭 15500 m2 closed area in total.

    📦 Areas with and without shelves.

    🛠️ Suitable for many product groups.

    🌳 Outdoor


    🔒 Private locked rooms, separate areas with security.

    🚪 Pallet rack in different sizes.

    💼 Dedicated office space (For Customer Employees)

    🚛🚚 3 truck ramps, 1 pickup truck loading area.


    📹 Camera (In-Storage)

    🎥 Camera (Out of Warehouse)

    🚪🔒 Exterior Door Controlled Entry-Exit


    🚧 External Security (Fences, Wall)

    👮‍♂️ 24/7 Physical Security

    📄💼 Comprehensive warehouse insurance

    Fire Protection

    💦 Sprinklers

    🔔 Fire alarm

    🚒 Fire Hydrant


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    About Us

    Our service is our best asset. We are completely available 24/7 and respond to our colleagues instantly.

    ADDRESS: Nokra Cd no 4 İstanbul Deri Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, 34956 Tuzla/İstanbul

    Tuzla Lojistik Depo Kiralama

    Tuzla Logistics warehouse exterior view

    Tuzla Lojistik Depo Kimyasal Depolama için Ayrı Bölümler

    Separate sections for chemical storage

    Tuzla Lojistik Depo Numune Ürün Gruplandırma

    Sample product grouping

    Tuzla Lojistik Depo Kimyasal Madde Depolama

    Chemical storage

    Tuzla Lojistik Depo Raflı Sistemde Koli Depolama

    Parcel storage in rack system

    Tuzla Lojistik Depo Farklı Ürün Grupları için Bölmeli Alanlar

    Divided areas for different product groups

    Tuzla Lojistik Depo Ürün Streçleme Koli Bozma İşleri

    Product stretching box breaking works

    Tuzla Lojistik Depo Ürün Gruplarını Ayırma Hizmeti

    Pallet holding product groups sorting service

    Tuzla Lojistik Depo Koli Bazında Ürün Depolama

    Parcel-based product storage

    Tuzla Lojistik Depo Alanlarınıza Ulaşım ve Kamera Sistemleri

    Transportation and camera systems to your warehouse areas

    Tuzla Lojistik Depo Müşterilerinizle Görüşme Toplantı Odaları

    Meeting rooms for your customers

    Tuzla Lojistik Depo Müşterilerin Kullanacağı Ofis Alanları

    Office areas to be used by customers

    The main Organized Industrial Zones we are close to:

    • İstanbul Deri OSB (içindeyiz)
    • İstanbul Tuzla OSB
    • Gebze OSB
    • İstanbul Anadolu Yakası OSB
    • Gebze Güzeller OSB
    • Birlik OSB
    • Gebze Plastikçiler OSB
    • Dilovası OSB
    • Aydınlı Boya Vernik OSB
    • TOSB Otomotiv OSB
    • Tepeören OSB

    You can come and visit our warehouse during working hours. Before that, please get a quote from our warehouse manager via the Quick Quote form below.

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