Air Transport

As NETA, we are ready to transport your shipments all over the world. We have been working with the strongest shipping lines since 1998 and offer the most suitable solutions for your shipments. In this way, we offer reasonable prices for your air transports and take the burden of transportation on us.

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    As Neta International Transportation:

    • Door to Airport – Delivery from the shipper’s warehouse to any airport in the world.
    • Door to Door – Delivery of goods from the shipper’s warehouse to the buyer’s warehouse.
    • Airport to Airport – Airport to Airport delivery of goods.
    • Airport to Door – Delivery of goods from the airport to the buyer anywhere in the world.


    • Air transportation for non-standard or heavy loads.
    • Air transportation for perishable cargo.
    • Air cargo transportation, which requires special transportation conditions.
    • Transit and multi-modal transports (combined transports).
    • Load tracking and information throughout the transportation.
    • Optimization of transportation plans and payment terms.
    • International transit and transfer transportation.
    • Special shipping conditions for regular customers.
    Neta R2 Belgesi

    About Us

    Our service is our best asset. We are completely available 24/7 and respond to our colleagues instantly. We are flexible and impartial while offering the best solution for transportation. We have the R2 transport certificate, which allows us to organize all kinds of transportation within Turkey.

    Please note that the R2 certificate is mandatory for transport brokers and not having it will jeopardize your transport activities in Turkey.